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Jun. 24th, 2014

So... long time no see yet again.

... hi there. XD

Geez, my last entry was in December 2012 and now it's June 2014. That is too funny. So much has happened, it's pretty crazy how much time flies. Actually I made another account here specifically for my experience in China. I won't put up the name unless there's actual interest (comments? lol) but be warned. Sadly, it's not for the best and I ended up bitching and moaning more than I expected. >_< Don't get me wrong, China's amazing on so many levels... but as a trip and some volunteer work. If you're here full time for work and not a certain skin color, you're pretty screwed half the time.

I also posted a few drawings and polymer clay figurinies there, but it's not often. ^.^

So yeah, I'm still in China, but currently in the process of returning home hopefully this late September/early October. There's a whole of of things, but it's updated in said lj.

I might lurk around here a little, but not too often. I practically work everyday until I can officially quit in a few months.

Dec. 21st, 2012

So many changes since my last entry.

... hi there! To, like... okay it's no one at this point. XD

It's been a long while since my last entry. Unfortunately I've little time to type. My laziness and gift of distraction still prevails in me. I've like a good 5-10 minutes to crank something out. Will it be a decent recap of the past things I've done since the last post?

Nah, not really.

Click if you're curious/bored/I TRICKED YOU jk do whatever.Collapse )
Actually, there's many adventures I left out. Well, I thought they were. Some of them ended in tears... well okay, like 3. XD I've been making journal hardcopies like a fiend, but writing takes so... long? ^^; I've hugged and played with so many dogs. I've had Chinese KFC and Mc Donalds as well as been to a Chinese Walmart (it disappointed me but oh well). I met many awesome and kind people, as well as brush-ins with... crazy people that you wouldn't believe were Chinese. I've had bugs, jelly-fish, a seasnail, and fish sausage. There's more but I forget. KTV's pretty fun, but only if you can find actual English songs you remember, and they're quite random. o.O

I've also sorta encountered slight racism, but that's not... too bad considering I've been warned of it before. Just actually going through it at the time still sucks, but such is life. It's not TOO bad, but I've had complaints that I don't look American, even a student's mother complained that I talk "too slow" for her daughter and she wanted the old white man (another foreign friend) to be her teacher. Fortunately they don't come here anymore, dumb bitch.

Anyway! I need to get ready and head over to the Christmas dinner! ;) Merry Christmas to the 1 imaginary person reading this!

Oct. 31st, 2008


And then some.

Unfortunately, no creative pumpkin carvings or unique costumes. OR HALLOWEEN-THEMED DRAWINGS I WANTED TO DO ;_____;

I was merely a generic goth student and took the kids trick-or-treating like usual. Fun times.

Especially when I snagged a few free candies. 8D

I think I've been listening to HPP and Dir en Grey a lot lately due to the Halloween month and all...

And umm... Happy Sexy Belated Friday for all you who don't celebrate this day. Don't worry, not missing too much. EXCEPT DIABETES WAR HAR HAR jk. xD

Laters. ^^;

Aug. 6th, 2008

(no subject)


... yeah, that's about it.

May. 18th, 2008


Shut up, inner-boring self!! I'm enjoying my Bleach marathons, or pretending to since I rather do anything not work-oriented! Don't make me plug you with more Q-tips!!

My inner dialogs have been too vivid lately.

Well, at least I did some work on my final ENG 414 essay, but I should be continuing on that now and my AAS 315 essay since both are due tomorrow... once Wednesday's over, I'm FREE FREE FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

... only to go back to... wonderful, fun-loving.. work. ;_; ... help..!


Awww, I haven't heard smack from my 1st best friend yet. Yeah, yeah, I know she has a life, but I'm bored. xD; I'm *kinda* thinking about wanting to hang out with her, after noticing that despite being friends with her in Catholic school, I've NEVER hung out with her outside of school. But she's into clubbin' til 3am and I'm... the type that find more amusement and "fun" sleeping in. xD

My 2nd sis suggested that we might go camping this summer... umm... yaaaay.. I think. xD Actually, I would like to go camping since I've never tried. ^^ Just the bathroom part scares me a little. xD I also need to think of my thesis for next semester. Ergh.

I also need to continue drawing more, as well as trying out some new things with different mediums... I'm starting small with oven-bake clay, and made a little fat hippo/piggie! XD But the tail and 1 leg fell off, you little bastard. xD;; I also *really* want to get back into sending mail to people I owe since.. forever. Most of my mail would be overseas though... do you have ANY idea how much postage cost overseas?! Well, I shouldn't complain since my friends sending stuff from there to me suffer far worse, but yeah... I'll try to earn more money to achieve that. ^^; If work'll let me.

I also... need to head to some ikea-type place or whatnot to buy me another bookcase or a shelf... hrmm, preferably a shelf. And some dark blue bedsheets and duvet covers and pillows. xD More money to work on saving... there's also the matter of wiping down my walls. They have gross things on them. Alright, alright, my room needs a total tear-down and repair altogether. xD;;

Eek! I need to make a deposit to WaMu before they close my account. >.<

Some bad things happened on my mom's side of the family, and of course I feel terrible about them, yet at the same time I rarely visit my relatives. One of these days, I should fix that.

There's many other problems I want to fix, but has to start with myself. Cheesy, yet true.

The hunt for Badtz Maru and other Sanrio characters who kicked ass continues! (though I kinda like that cinnaroll-doggie since he looks like a fluffy white version of my nephew. rofl XD And that weird pink monkey, also for the same reason.. but that's about it)

Umm... yeah, I ran out of stuff to say. xD; The more blackmail-worthy bits are in my other journal. xD;; And.. oh yeah, I'm trying to get back into writing journals on paper instead. A gradual process, but getting there. Probably when I'm old, can't read, and bed-ridden, I'll have them burnt then. NO ONE MUST KNOW OF MY LAME SECRETS!! XD

Apr. 28th, 2008


My first best friend from Catholic school e-mailed me back after I sent her a gynormous e-mail after like... 5 years of no contact what so ever.

Fuck man, WOW~!!!!!!

Sounds like she's doing well off right now, though she hates living back home where they treat her like a child. Why can I relate. xD; Lucky her though, she had a proper taste of independence during her college years. Can't help but feel slight jealous.

But that smack aside, I'm just glad that old crusty e-mail address of hers still works!

I was just wondering if we could hang out, but it seems too soon, all of a sudden after 5 years, and she sounds like she's busy with work and all. And I'm gonna be quite busy myself for once, what with finals creeping over. Stupid bastards of death. But... finals don't look TOO bad... I think.

Yeah, about it. xD

Feb. 6th, 2008

New Years Resolution to kick off into... February...


I need to express myself better somehow. Among other things.

Stupid, stupid people I know... Jesus Christ.

May. 27th, 2007

(no subject)

Now I have a good idea on what garbage feels like.

May. 23rd, 2007

(no subject)


... hrmm, think I like the green one better.

Pointless entry, I know. XD

Oh yeah. And certain people, after hearing about them from another perspective, can be omni-douche fags. New low?

... probably. Or I just want that green apple sauce that looks like boogers.

Mar. 11th, 2007



Internet-stuff-that-I-usually-frequent-hiatus commencing now.

And I wish everyone would STFU and get over the little things.

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